-- portfolio alpha v4 --

latest update: Creating coursework pages with embedded videos

Inspired by the computer graphics classes I am currently taking, I decided to draw a girl in a polygon and digitally-inspired outfit. I decided to try a new version of the way I was shading - instead of just cel shading, I also copied the cel shaded layer and blurred it, to add a softer blend to contrast the sharp lining and angular design. The extra depth of detail this adds is really stunning!

This dark and scaly lady was based on a few songs I really enjoy:
Eviligo by Stand Atlantic,
Violet! by Waterparks, and
Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap.
All three of these songs have themes of the narrator or the subject following and watching the object of their affection - mostly oblivious of how scary they appear. I took elements of those themes and created a character that sees with her heart, not her head. She's seductive, beautiful, but will quickly get violent if her affection isn't returned.
Beautiful, but horrific.

This drama queen was inspired by a particularly powerful scene from the mobile game "Shining Nikki." To sum it up, style isn't just something people apply to clothing. It's a power that can shape the world, enter memories, and even sway the wills of others. Nikki, a sweet girl thrown into a world she doesn't know and tasked to save it from certain doom, starts gaining "style power." (The primary game mechanic is clothing collecting and leveling up of clothing statistics.) Once she becomes more powerful, another version of herself surfaces in a tense situation, leering out over a crowd at an event. The entire party, frozen under her control. I picked out an outfit in the game I found fitting for the situation, cute and innocent, to contrast with a pose where she's looking down at everyone else.

This one is inspired by my interest in analog horror. Specifically, it's inspired by analog metafiction, which uses simulated VHS tapes as a basis for nonlinear worldbuilding and horror storytelling. The use of malfunctioning and old technology to represent horrific feelings and events feels so much more impactful than with modern technology. As if it's changing the past into something much scarier.

Shining Nikki is my new obsession, and the new pop idol set's hair - a braid with sparkly streamers weaved in - inspired me to create a nightclub-themed outfit to go along with it. All the textures here were also hand-drawn, just like the previous set, (excluding the stars in the background). Working with low lighting again was a challenge, but a fun one!